Digital health is a cultural transformation of traditional healthcare

In this paper, we discuss how the old paradigm of the paternalistic model of medicine is transforming into an equal level partnership between patients and professionals and how it is aided and augmented by disruptive technologies. We attempt to define what digital health means and how it affects the status quo of care and also the study design in implementing technological innovations into the practice of medicine.

The role of artificial intelligence in precision medicine

Instead of developing treatments for populations and making the same medical decisions based on a few similar physical characteristics among patients, medicine has shifted toward prevention, personalization, and precision. In this shift and cultural transformation, AI is the key technology that can bring this opportunity to everyday practice.

Digital Health Technologies to Support Human Missions to Mars

The aim of this article is to provide a comprehensive and practical overview of how digital health technologies could help reduce the health risks and potential medical consequences related to human spaceflights to Mars by making
astronauts the point-of-care.