The mission of The Medical Futurist Institute is to initiate public discussions about how the old paradigm of the paternalistic model of medicine is transforming into equal partnership between patients and professionals and how it is aided and augmented by disruptive technologies.

By providing reports, publications and daily commentary on new technological inventions, the Institute aims at preparing every stakeholder of healthcare for adopting digital health in a way that the human component remains decisive.

Let’s use technologies to augment the human touch!
2,000 people who want to transform healthcare


Grand Challenges

Embrace disruptive medical technologies

Medical professionals and patients must prepare for a technological revolution in medicine – the only way to make healthcare effective and more humanistic.

Put patients in the center of healthcare

Patients must become experts on their own health so they can be involved in decisions about their health, while also taking part in designing healthcare.

Digitize Healthcare Information

Digitalization can make care affordable and available, ensuring sustainability and growing our understanding of disease.

Shift focus from treatment to prevention

Live healthier lives and prevent disease by reforming healthcare based on widespread access to health data.


Dr. Bertalan Meskó, PhD

is The Medical Futurist. A geek physician with a PhD in genomics and Amazon Top 100 author, he envisions the impact of digital health technologies on the future of healthcare, and helps patients, doctors, government regulators and companies make it a reality.